Siquijor Island is a new travel destination quickly becoming popular all year round. It is known for its hospitality, charm and authentic island feel. We opened in 2012 with 6 rooms, have since added another 7 rooms and a swimming pool, and are now in early 2020 ready to open an upstairs cafe above our restaurant-by-the-sea.

We offer competitive deals when you book directly with us here on our own, official website as we and you avoid paying commission to the large online travel agencies who typically charge 17-20% of the price you pay/we get. On top of discounted room rates we include a free restaurant voucher, free or discounted ferry terminal pick up/drop off, and free breakfast (a la carte with buffet). No restrictions. No hidden costs. 

Free cancellation and full refund until 14 days before arrival. After that we charge the first night for cancellations. For 'no show' (guests not cancelling and not showing up) there is no refund.

We rent out motorbikes and do island tours. Easy to arrange when you are here. Remember to bring your driving license if renting a motorbike. There is much to do and see around Siquijor Island. Swing and swim in waterfalls, go cliff jumping, explore caves and beaches, visit faith healers, and much more. The road network criss-crossing the island is good and new. Scuba diving and snorkelling is world class with dive shops nearby. Book a traditional hilot massage and do get back in time for the often beautiful late afternoon sunset and our sunset beach bar.

Our restaurant is open 7am-10pm and there are other popular eating places within walking distance. As we operate our own restaurant-cafe-bar we ask that guests do not bring their own food and drinks.  

Our beach is not great for swimming as it is shallow a long way out, but there are good swimming beaches nearby (e.g. Paliton Beach). At high tide you can take our free kayaks and paddle out to the edge of the reef in front of White Villas Resort and swim and snorkel in clear water.

December-June is high season. The July-November monsoon season is also popular and a little cooler, but can be rainy and windy at times with (harmless) sea grass on the beach. We clear the beach as soon as the wind has died down again. Please note that Siquijor Island has banned plastic bags. We minimise single use plastics, recycle waste, produce compost for our organic fruit farms, and generally encourage more responsible tourism. Feel free to email enquiries to and we will get back to you.


Terms and Conditions

By placing a booking with us (the property owner / his/her representative) you (the lead guest) and your booking party (guests) agree to the following terms and conditions as set-out. During your stay you agree to abide by the subsequent conditions as set-out. If you have any questions about booking with us, please contact us before making a booking.

To place a booking with us the lead guest must be at least 18 years of age. The maximum number of staying guests per room is illustrated in the room occupancy details on the website. Where the person making the booking is different to the lead guest taking up the occupation, the person making the booking may be held responsible for cancellation, non-arrival and damages as set-out within. Only the lead guest and the named booking party are allowed to use the property and its facilities, any third party visitors are only allowed access at our express permission.

Booking Payment

To secure any booking we require a deposit to be paid in advance. Deposit payments must be 'cleared funds' before a booking can be confirmed. Deposits are only refundable under the conditions set-out here within.

Payments can be made online / over the phone using debit / credit card as well as by digital bank transfer, cheque or cash deposit. Any charges raised against us by our banks for handling dishonoured cheque's, bank transfers or any other payments, must be reimbursed by the lead guest within seven (7) days of any request to do so.

All guests agree to respect the privacy and peace of all other staying guests, neighbours and the owners at all times. We reserve the right to cancel a booking with immediate effect if guests are not honouring this agreement or causing a disturbance / nuisance to other guests, neighbours or the owners.

Cancellation, Returned Deposit & Non-Arrival Conditions
Guest who need to cancel a booking should contact us as soon as possible. Deposits already paid are returned in accordance with the following conditions:
Cancellation made 15 days or more in advance of arrival date = Full deposit refund;
Cancellation received within 14 days of arrival date will incur the first night charge;
Cancellation made 48hrs or less of arrival date = No refund issued;

Failure to arrive at our hotel will be treated as a No-Show and no refund will be given.

** NOTE: at the moment we are allowing free cancellation until 2 days before arrival for March - June guests​.

It is always recommended that guests take out appropriate holiday / cancellation insurance prior to travelling.

In the rare event we need to cancel your booking with us, please be aware that we cannot be held liable for circumstances beyond our control and that our liability to you is limited to the refund of any payment already made.

The Hotel may cancel the accommodation contract under any of the following cases:
(1)When the Guest is deemed liable to conduct or has conducted him/herself in a manner that would contravene the laws or act against the public order and good morals in regard to the accommodation;
(2)When the Guest seeking accommodation is clearly determined to be carrying an infectious disease;
(3)When violent demands and/or actions are made or carried out, or burdens that exceed the scope of reasonable requests have been made, in relation to accommodations;
(4)When the Hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and/or other causes of force majeure;
(5)When the Guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct him/herself in a manner that would cause serious annoyance to other guests or behaves in such manner due to heavy intoxication or other reasons;
(6)When the Guest does not observe prohibited actions such as smoking in the room, mischief relative to the firefighting equipment and other prohibitions of the Use Regulations stipulated by the Hotel (restricted to particulars deemed necessary in order to avoid the causing of fires);
(7)When a guest is an Organized Crime Group, a member of an Organized Crime Group or a party or other anti-social element related to such groups.
Guest Check-in & Check-out
Check-in after 2:00pm and before 10:00pm on day of arrival
Check-out by 12:00noon latest on day of departure
WiFi Usage
Guests accept to use this access to the Internet fairly and appropriately. The Internet access provided is intended for general use such as access to the world wide web, email, messaging, social media, light streaming. It is not intended or ideally suited for heavy media streaming, online gaming, extensive downloads / uploads or any illegal activity.
Damages & Lost Property
We reserve the right to charge the lead guest for any damages caused through the course of a booking by any member of the booking party. This includes breakages, spillages, stains, damage to furniture or fixtures and fittings. Any accidental damages should be reported as soon as possible in order to minimise damage and associated costs. Lost keys will incur a replacement charge.

Any lost property, if discovered and found, left behind by guests during a stay will be held for a period of 1 month. While we will make our best efforts to reunite lost property with their owners we accept no responsibility in replacing lost items and encourage guests to ensure they have all their belonging before checking-out. We may offer to post lost items via recorded delivery at the cost of the property owner, otherwise collection can be arranged.

Personal Items

Guests are responsible for the safe keeping of all their personal items for the duration of their stay.

Laundry Services

The hotel is not responsible for any damage to clothes as a result of its laundry services.

Food & Drinks

Outside food and drinks are not allowed to be consumed within the property unless otherwise explicitly agreed.


Smoking is not allowed inside the rooms or the restaurant and only allowed outside in accordance with local regulations (please note that San Juan has a no smoking policy in public areas).


We do not accept pets, unless otherwise explicitly agreed with the lead guest.


Guests accept that they park their vehicles on-site at their own risk.

Guest Personal Details & Privacy

We are required to keep a register of guests who stay with us. This includes a copy of passport/ID card showing full names and nationality, passport numbers, place of issue, and validity. These records are kept in accordance with governing laws and regulations, and for this purpose only.

Liability of the Hotel

The Hotel shall compensate the Guest for any damage if the Hotel has caused such damage to the Guest in the course of its performance of, or by its non-fulfilment of, the accommodation contract and/or related agreements. However, this provision shall not apply in the event that such damage has been caused by a reason(s) not attributable to the Hotel.

Liability of the Guest

The Guest shall compensate the Hotel for damage caused through the intention or negligence of the Guest.

Final Provisions
The Guest shall observe regulations established by the Hotel and posted on the Hotel premises, such as but not limited to swimming pool regulations.

We reserve the right to cancel any booking without compensation, refund or reimbursement if the terms of these conditions are breached by the guest and/or their party.