We opened White Villas Resort at Christmas 2012 with six rooms. Today we have a dozen rooms, a small swimming pool, and a two-storey restaurant/cafè by the sea. We prefer to keep the place small and peaceful, not too busy and not crowded, focusing rather on quality and experience. We are working to make the resort eco-friendlier.

‘We’ are Edna Mae born in a fishing village in the central Philippines and Jens Peter born on a farm in Denmark. We met and married in the 1990s. Today we are family of six living across the globe. Our mission is business with compassion and environmental care. We reinvest in the local community, support livelihoods and develop organic tree farms.  

Our staff are mostly women from local fishing families, many with no further education and few livelihoods options. Tourism has grown rapidly on Siquijor Island in recent years, and Siquijodnons are great hosts. Reliance on tourism can have its downsides though as the current Covid-19 time is teaching us. 

We support local business initiatives via partnerships. And we work against corruption, injustice and inequity. There are always opportunities to help and serve, often unexpected. It is not quick and easy, nor always successful, but we try, learn, persevere, and move on in good faith. It is a meaningful journey.