We opened White Villas Resort in 2012 to create a profitable business and we succeeded within a few years. Today, we have like many businesses on this tourism-based island are severely affected by the economic downturn caused by the covid-pandemic.

We are now in the process of recovery as a social enterprise that uses its income to help rebuild the local community socially, economically and ecologically. We provide our staff (mostly local women) good benefits packages so that they can support their families and keep their children in school. We partner with other small business start-ups and livelihood initiatives to help grow the local economy. We develop biodiverse farms, produce organic fruits and vegetables, and plant native rainforest trees to help regenerate nature.   

It is no longer just about good business practices, ethics and profits. It is about using our investments, income and resources to help (re)build communities, strengthen human relations, live out compassion, and take care of nature. All this is needed if we want to see a better world. And we all do.

We are Edna Mae who grew up in a small fishing village here in the central Philippines and Jens Peter who grew up on a small farm in Denmark. We have lived in Africa and Asia and have worked with poverty, aid and development for over thirty years. Our work and outlook is rooted in Christian faith.

You can help the covid-recovery by supporting ethical business practices in places like Siquijor.