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  • 1. The beach
  • 2. The Villas
  • 3. The Bungalows
  • 4. Our new pool
  • 5. Enjoy waterfalls and much  more
  • 6. Snorkel & dive in a biodiversity  hotspot
  • 7. Safe and fun for children
  • 8. Dine by the beach
  • 9. Enjoy beautiful sunsets
  • 10. Peaceful
1. The beach1 2. The Villas2 3. The Bungalows3 4. Our new pool4 5. Enjoy waterfalls and much  more5 6. Snorkel & dive in a biodiversity  hotspot6 7. Safe and fun for children7 8. Dine by the beach8 9. Enjoy beautiful sunsets9 10. Peaceful10

For direct bookings and inquiries. Please email us at white.villas@yahoo.com
or call +63 (0)977 8244 677 or +63 (0)908 1656 277.

Welcome to White Villas Resort on Siquijor Island, an island getting known for its quiet beauty, warm hospitality, and peacefulness. Our resort sits on Solangon white sand beach, on the western side of the island with great views and sunsets and good access to many of the islands main attractions. We are 15 minutes from the ferry terminal in Siquijor town.

At White Villas you can enjoy free kayaking, sunbathing, swimming (around high tide), jogging and walking along the beach, and just relaxing by the beach and the new swimming pool. The water at White Villas is shallow a long way out, covered with seagrass, safe and protected from waves. The sea view is nice and the sunsets are often spectacular. Our restaurant serves local and international food and Wi-Fi is free throughout the resort.

We rent out motorbikes and arrange island tours. Visit waterfalls, caves, jumping cliffs, beaches, a butterfly farm, a new marine life museum, and much more. Go diving or snorkelling inside one of the worlds marine life hotspots (the nearest dive-shops are only 5-10 minutes away).

December/June is the peak season. The monsoon season around August/October is also getting popular and is a bit cooler, but expect more windy and rainy conditions at times. Come and visit a charming island community that wants healthy development. Responsible tourism can support this.

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